Upgrading from Version 2

Beginning with version 3.0.0, yadm introduced a few major changes which may require you to adjust your configurations.

New name for yadm’s encrypted archive

yadm now supports openssl in addition to gpg for encryption. Along with this change, the encrypted archive is now called archive instead of the old name files.gpg.

New locations for data

yadm now uses the XDG Base Directory Specification to find its data. For the majority of users, this means data will now be in $HOME/.local/share/yadm/ instead of the old location of $HOME/.config/yadm/.

This location is used for the local repository and encrypted archive.

The easiest way to adopt these new paths is to use the yadm upgrade command. This command will move your existing repo and encrypted archive to the new directory. Upgrading will also re-initialize all submodules you have added (otherwise they will be broken when the repo moves).

Option yadm.cygwin-copy is no longer supported

Use the option yadm.alt-copy instead.

Env variable YADM_COMPATIBILITY=1 is no longer supported

Version 2 supported a version 1 compatibility mode, but this has been removed from version 3.